My First Blog Post

Published November 11, 2011 by itsifeoma

I would call this the first post i’m making on my new blog. I had a blog but it got messed up (some ish that’s too long to explain).
I was meant to publish my first post today (11/11/11), since the blog got messed up, i opened this new blog just about 3hrs ago.
So, i decided to post ‘anything’ since its 11/11/11. I believe its a nice date since (according to my calculations,which i believe is very accurate) this year comes in a THOUSAND YEARS!!!. Even the Egyptian archaelogists tried opening a pharaoh’s pyramid today, since it was instructed to be done in a date that RARELY comes around.(some ish about the curse of the MUMMY)
Okay, i’ll round this up cos it sorta seems long for an intro post besides, i better hurry up and post it before it strikes midnight and it will end up being on the 12/11/11 after all my effort.
You guys should WATCH THIS SPACE cos real soon i’ll start posting. 🙂
Its iFeoma! Signing out….


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