The Guy In Blue….. I

Published November 26, 2011 by itsifeoma

Evening Everyone!

Its exactly a week and a day since I published ‘My First Blog Post’, this is my second one. I wanted to post this yesternight but….
Today, we lost a very Great man who was among those who tried moving this ‘Great’ Nation forward (Even though his dream of the country Biafra was not realized). Its sad that the few Just and upright leaders are slowly fading away. So let’s observe a minute silence for CHIEF CHUKWUEMEKA ODUMEGWU OJUKWU AGED 78. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE… AMEN.

Well here’s my story. Enjoy.


Thank God I was done with work for today, being a secretary is not easy at all, back at work we had three board meetings, I stood through all the meetings plus I skipped lunch, work for me ended by 7.00pm.


I rushed home, took a quick shower and decided to go to a resturant which was just 20 minutes drive from my neighbourhood.

I arrived at the resturant, and a small place, located in a serene residential area which is one of the reasons I patronise it and the waiters are customer-friendly, the resturant had a few people in it. I headed for the seat by the window A waiter approached me, greeted me in a friendly manner, handed me a menu and I ordered fruit juice and fried rice with beef.
I stared out of the window, there really wasn’t anything to look at apart from the houses and very few passers-by. I began reminiscing my day at work and how to get ready for the next day, I was so tired that i could have slept off, a few minutes later, a black chevrolet came into view, I munched on my dinner and looked on.


The car stopped infront of a small gate to an apartment that was opposite the resturant, out of sheer curiosity, I paid attention to whoever was going to come out of the car.

The driver’s door of the car swung open, the driver was a tall dark skinned, good-looking guy who should be in his early thirties, he was wearing a blue shirt with black trousers. After he had closed his door, he looked around him swiftly as though he was searching for something and then he smiled wryly. The guy went to the right side of his car and opened the door, a light skinned young lady of average height in skirt suit stepped out of the car and the guy shut the door.

They headed towards the gate with the lady in the guy’s arms, it seemed like the lady said something funny because the guy had a huge smile on his lips, from their body contacts I could tell they were a couple.
The few times I had eaten here I had never taken note of the houses, Perhaps it could be because I had never sat down beside this window to carefully observe the environs.


Minutes later, I noticed the guy in blue coming out of the gate, without the young lady. He looked around again at the now empty street as if to make sure no one was watching him, he smiled again, that mischievous smile he had on his lips when he was about to open the door of the car for the light-skinned lady, as he hurriedly entered his car and sped off.


I decided concentrating on my dinner, while I was wondering about the queer behaviour of the guy in the blue shirt.

From the corner of my eyes, I noticed that someone was approaching towards that same gate. I took a quick glance in that direction, it was a dark skinned young lady of average height, dressed in a trouser suit walking towards the gate and headed for the same apartment, it seemed like she had just finished from the day’s work because she held a handbag in her right hand and a folder in the other.
She was probably the flatmate to the light skinned girl. I watched as she stepped into the compound.


I was almost through with my dinner, I decided to relax as I sipped on my juice.
About 10 minutes later, the same lady who I saw walking into the compound opposite the restaurant I was dining at, ran out of the compound, she sort of seemed confused. She was running on the street like she was looking for some kind of help.
I looked around the restaurant to see if anyone was also taking note of what had been going on, everyone was either eating or talking to someone else. Oh well, I shrugged I might as well look on to see what was going to happen next.


Yes, something did happen next.


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