The Guy In Blue …..II

Published December 2, 2011 by itsifeoma

Out of the blues, a police car came riding into the neighbourhood following closely behind it was an ambulance, blasting its sirens, the sound was piercing, the red and blue light of the sirens gave everywhere a dull tint of red and blue, making it look like one of those crime scenes I see on the screen of my TV.
The police car stopped right at the entrance to the same compound and four policemen alighted from the car, the team of paramedics also alighted from the ambulance with a stretcher.
“What on earth could be going on?” I wondered aloud.
I looked around the restaurant, Now everyone had also turned their attention to the street. It seemed like everyone had the same question on their lips, they were all whispering softly.

I looked back at the ‘crime scene’. I was surprised a small crowd had already gathered and to think that almost an hour ago, the street looked devoid of inhabitants.
People were already trooping out of the restaurant into the street. Well, I grabbed my wallet off the table and joined the ‘bandwagon’. When ‘we’ were all out on the street, in the centre of the crowd that had gathered, I noticed the dark skinned girl that I referred to as the flatmate to the other girl in the company of two policemen, the other two were heading for the gate into the compound.

The street had become noisy, I strained my ears in other to pick out a few words from what she was telling the policemen, she had tears in her eyes as she was talking. The people standing in front of me were not even helping matters.
The paramedics were already coming out of the gate with someone on the stretcher, it was obviously the light-skinned girl.
I could tell from the questions and the look on their faces they were all surprised. I looked closely to check for possible injuries, there was no blood so that meant no injuries, I heaved a sigh of relief. But wait! Her neck! Her head was turned in a position that obviously no living being’s own would have been, like there wasn’t a single bone in it. That could only mean one thing….. her neck was broken….. And she was………


“My goodness!” This could not be happening, I had just seen this woman an hour and a few minutes ago, and now she was nothing but a body…… a lifeless body.
Her ‘flatmate’, I guess was still giving her own account of what she knew. I looked around, I was wondering if I was the only one who had seen the tall dark-skinned guy with the mischievous smile who dropped her off. Well, that didn’t matter, I was going to tell the police what I saw, since he was the last person who had dropped that girl off.
But how could someone be so cruel, I knew there something about that smile and the way he sped off like he was being chased.
I had to tell the policeman, I struggled past the crowd, that was tough considering the fact that i’m not tall. Then my wallet fell off my hand just at the wrong moment, I bent down to pick it up immediately, i hoped it hadn’t been kicked away. Just then someone began tapping my elbow, maybe the person had found my wallet, I looked around me It didn’t seem like anyone had tapped me everyone had their attention on what was going on, I continued searching for my wallet, the person tapped my elbow again. I stood up, searched for the person and couldn’t see the person, I could not understand why. I still hadn’t found my wallet, I stopped looking for it and struggled through the crowd.
Then all of a sudden someone jabbed me in my left side, my legs gave out underneath me and i fell, my eyes shut closed immediately. I could hear what was going on but i couldn’t respond, what puzzled me the most was that someone was still tapping me

I tried opening my eyes and surprisingly they snapped open.

I wasn’t on a stretcher but sitting right at my table at the resturant with my head faced down, apparently I had fallen asleep. Someone tapped me on my elbow again, I looked up….. it was the waiter, he had taken off his uniform….. He had a blue shirt on and the same smile i had seen in my dream minutes ago….. I looked at his hands expecting to collect my bill….. rather he held a glinting piece of metal….. a knife! I looked up at his face he was smiling wider now….. I looked around, the resturant was empty,My heart paced faster I had to think fast, very fast……… He brought the knife down slowly, I tried ducking him, but he was faster, he held me tightly on my throat, I couldn’t breathe, I felt the cold steel of the knife on my throat. I gave up struggling, there was only one thing I could do.
……….. I screamed…..


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