IKEJA BOMB BLAST: Through the Eyes Of A Child.

Published January 27, 2012 by itsifeoma

Good Day Everyone,
Today is the 10th year remembrance of the Ikeja Bomb Blast. Alot of People died that day, well, for those of us who are escaped unhurt, We thank God too for keeping us alive till thisday.

When I woke up this morning, i did my daily morning rituals after that I logged in to my twitter account just to see what was going on, I saw a tweet on my TL.

“Today is the 10th year remembrance of the Ikeja Bombblast”

I was surprised when i saw it though because I could still remember everything, every single thing that happened. I told my Parents and they were like 10yrs?! They could still remember how it all happened like it occured yesterday.

I was still a child when it occured, I remember how people were weeping, shouting and fleeing for their lives! Those of you who resided and still reside in Ikeja and its environs know what i’m talking about.

The story begins:
It was on a quiet sunday evening, my younger ones and I were playing in the compound under the watchful eyes of my aunt.

We were all laughing and running when all of a sudden the whole compound started shaking! I was scared, I thought ‘Jesus was coming’. We all ran upstairs, the grounds were still shaking while we were at it, when we were going upstairs we were been flung from left to right we had to hold the hand rails for stability. I remember my 3yr old sister at that time saying ‘Blood Of Jesus’. Yeah, it seems funny now but it wasn’t at that moment.

We got upstairs my mum looked worried she was just waking up from her siesta, I remember how she screamed and made for the stairs to come and get us, and my dad? Well at the time we went downstairs to play he was reading a newspaper when we came up he carried us and said we had to hurry up and leave. (Coincidentally, my mum said she had a dream that ‘everywhere’ was quaking. Lo and behold when she woke up everywhere started shaking)

I was surprised when he said ‘leave’, what did he mean? ‘Leave’ to where?!.

We got ready to do so, I took my most important possesion ‘my pink pokémon’ sunglasses it had a pink rope too and my brother took his too a blue sunglass, it was part of those things mum bought for my siblings and I during christmas (remember during christmas, parents would buy sunglasses and wristwatches for their kids along with their ‘christmas dresses’ :D). I hung it on my neck and we got ready to leave, when my mum saw me with the glasses she wanted me to drop it, I bluntly refused, how could I leave my beautiful sunglasses behind? My dad intervened and allowed me too take it along, since i could hang it on my neck (reading this seems like it happened in 20 mins but believe me, this all happened in like 5mins)

We got out of the house, unluckily for us the fuel in the car had finished, after going to church and back (God, why?!) so we had to trek.

Everyone in the neighbourhood started leaving their houses, no one even had the time to talk about what was happening or where they were going. All this while, the ground hadn’t quaked. (Thank God).

We started trekking, we followed the crowd, everybody was leaving, but to where? Nobody knew.
I remember my mum clutching my hand in hers and my dad doing the same to my brother, my aunt carried my sister on her back.
We trekked till it was dark in the evening, it seemed like we were all running away from something, something we knew nothing about, we were just running to save our lives.

When it became dark, we got to a swampy area, i remember how mosquitoes were all over my legs. I remember how we all had to cross a canal! to get to the ‘other side’, I didn’t need to ask why we had to do so, afterall I could see everyone was going there. With the innocence every child my age had, i thought maybe at the ‘other side’ all this would be over.

We began crossing the canal, a very dangerous and deadly task, the ‘road’ (a mound, something like farm beds only that they were higher) was very narrow add that to the amount of people who were also there and the fact that it was dark and the grounds had started quaking again!

My mother clutched my hand tighter, i did the same to my ‘pink pokémon’ sunglasses, my dad held my brother tightly and my aunt did the same to my sister, it was like a ‘buckle-your-seatbelts-for-the-rollercoaster ride’ sorta thing the difference was that we were trekking and this was no FUN ride, it was A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH!

As the man of the house, my dad was at our back as we were crossing, we were trying hard not to make a mistake because any little slip and you were going to meet a watery grave, which was right beside us!

Everything seemed alright till my father slipped he mumbled something, My mother noticed what just happened and screamed, People behind him quickly held him and my Junior brother (God bless those people whoever they were). If he had fallen along with my brother I would have LOST A FATHER AND A BROTHER THAT DAY! But God in his infinite mercy didn’t allow that to occur.

By the time we had gotten to the ‘other side’ the quaking had subsided and it was a bit peaceful.
I knew something like that would happen, it was like the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, when they reached the ‘other side’ it was peaceful 🙂

It was already dark, families met other families and were discussing about what happened, while the children stayed close by.
I later noticed something like fire in between the earth and the grounds (the same view you get when go to a beach and it seems like the sea and skies are near each other), It was actually fire, it glowed for some time and died down i t continued like that till i decided to ask my dad what it was, he told me it was as a result of what just happened (the explosions), I was confused, this fascinating sight i was looking at was what actually caused all these? (it was actually fascinating, at least to my eyes and that of my brother).

When we were sure everything had died down, we started heading home. When we got home, there was no light, but it felt good all the same to be home, i remember when i sat down on the couch i said this out “Home Sweet Home” (something i learnt from cartoons & movies)
A few of our ceiling had fallen down due to the impact of the explosion.

Well, the rest of the night we thanked God for our lives, i had my bath ate and went to bed.

End Of Story.

If you are amazed at how i could remember all these after 10years, believe me when something like this happened especially when you could have lost TWO of your LOVED ONES, YOU WON’T EVER FORGET SUCH AN INCIDENCE.
I Later learnt that even though People were killed as a result of the explosions, more people died as a result in attempting to cross the canal, that same canal we also crossed! Thank God for our lives. Over 500people died that day!

I know this post seems sorta long.
My account of the bombblast is still the only one i know, so if you experienced the bombblast on the 27th Of January 2002, please share your story in the comment box, no matter how short/long it maybe and if you also know anyother Blog that contains something about the Ikeja Bomb blast pls share it in the comment box too.
If what you read made sense to you or you can relate with what happened, don’t forget to share this post .

May the souls of The faithful departed through the Mercy Of God. Rest In Peace. Amen.
May their families find Peace and May God help them. Amen.

Click here to read more about the Ikeja Bomb blast.

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5 comments on “IKEJA BOMB BLAST: Through the Eyes Of A Child.

  • how can i forget dat day, it was visiting day in queens college and little me never liked to miss out on going to see his sisters in boarding skul. we passed in front of the cantonment a couple of hours before the explosion. it was on our way back home that we experienced a whole lot of traffic and in my own childish imagination i was elated when i heard it was an explosion…….. my mind had kind of twisted it to mean something good because it contained action, mum’s drivers brilliant maneuvers on the road, the woman trailing behind us cause she was confused, the commotion and panic in the eyes of everybody, the people running helter-skelter and the fire……… to be honest i felt like touching it from my point of view, it was fuel to many of my ridiculous imaginations.
    My heartfelt wishes goes out to all that lost loved ones on that day

  • Good one babe.
    My mum, two brothers and I were right in front of the cantoment when the explosion happened. My mum thought someone hit her from behind.
    We actually didn’t know what happened till we got home.

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